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St Martins Centre aim is to:


  • Seek ways to adapt its portfolio to accommodate the effects of expected changes in climate.

  • Work in partnership with stakeholders to make its property portfolio meet community and social needs and expectations.

  • Provide well-designed, sensitive and flexible accommodation to meet the needs of the future as well as the present.

  • Consider environmental factors when redeveloping properties to reduce the impact of future events.

  • Reduce the carbon emissions generated as a consequence of the development and operation of the building portfolio.

  • Help tenant businesses implement corporate social responsibility initiatives where applicable.



St Martins Centre believe its approach to corporate responsibility and a focus on sustainability protects the long term value of its investments and keeps attention focused where the environmental impact is the greatest.


We have developed/redeveloped properties that enhance the quality of life of people who visit and work in them, and help tenant businesses to meet their own corporate social responsibility aspirations. By applying new technology we can extend the boundaries of current standards where possible.


Our vision is to continue our focus on sustainability and our contribution to the improvement of the environment.


Sustainability improvements are continually being assessed with a view to taking a commercial approach that will achieve results without compromising the comfort of tenants and visitors within fully tenanted buildings.


Current NABERS Rating:

40 St Georges Terrace - 1.5 stars

44 St Georges Terrace - 2 stars 

50 St Georges Terrace - 2 stars

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